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MDPI 2022 Quarterly, Q3

Welcome to Q3 of our MDPI Quarterly series. As the world’s leading open access publisher, we are proud to provide scholars the opportunity to publish impactful insights faster.

In this edition of MDPI Quarterly, we recap content from the past quarter, sharing a new interview with DOAJ and MDPI CEO, Delia Mihaila. In the interview, they discuss MDPI and the future of open access. Furthermore, we’ll guide you through the MDPI submission process and share what your MDPI manuscript status means.

Peer Review Week was held in September with the theme “Research Integrity: Creating and Supporting Trust in Research”. At MDPI, we celebrated Peer Review Week in Q3 with a series of blog articles, a podcast, and a webinar.

Overall, the number of peer-reviewed articles published from January to September 2022 was 206,305.




The MDPI Blog publishes useful and relevant information for readers. For example, in Q3, we featured topics related to Peer Review Week and MDPI society partnerships. Moreover, the slide shows below feature some of the top articles within these two categories.

Recapping Peer Review Week


Everything You Need to Know About MDPI Society Partnerships



Throughout Q3 (July, August, and September 2022), notable news outlets cited 1729 MDPI papers. In particular, these outlets included National Geographic, The Washington Post, TIME, Harvard Business Review, The Guardian, Forbes, and BBC. Below is a list of some of the articles from the past three months, along with the MDPI papers cited in these articles.

July, 2022

National Geographic – “How drones are revolutionizing our understanding of sharks” (Article | Drones paper)
The Guardian – “Average UK school meals mostly made of ultra-processed foods” (Article | Nutrients paper)
BBC – “The habits that help prevent allergies” (Article | IJMS paper)
The Washington Post – “How ‘ghosting’ is linked to mental health” (Article | IJERPH paper)
Forbes – “How Leaders Can Rethink What They Know And Embrace Sustainability” (Article | Brain Sciences paper)
NPR – “Ecologists say federal wildfire plans are dangerously out of step with climate change” (Article | Fire paper)
CNN – “These are the signs that you’re in a toxic work environment” (Article | IJERPH paper)

August, 2022

BBC – “How whiskey is shaped by the weather and climate” (Article | Foods paper)
Forbes – “The Heavy Lifting Of T Cells In Immunocompromised Covid-19 Patients” (Article | Viruses paper)
Time – “Why You Should Care About Celebrities’ Climate Hypocrisy” (Article | Sustainability paper)
The Guardian – “Is it time to end cats’ right to roam?” (Article | Animals paper)
National Geographic – “Humans are not prepared for a pandemic caused by fungal infections” (Article | IJERPH paper, Sustainability paper)
The Washington Post – “Nature can affect human well-being in many more ways than you think” (Article | Fungi paper)

September, 2022

BBC – “What’s the right age to get a smartphone?” (Article | IJERPH paper)
The Guardian – “Short menus, local produce, no tablecloth: how to choose a restaurant and help save the planet” (Article | Sustainability paper)
National Geographic – “6 big questions about new Omicron-targeting boosters answered” (Article | Viruses paper)
Forbes – “High-Performance Leadership: Where To Start” (Article | IJERPH paper)
The Washington Post – “What are ultra-processed foods? What should I eat instead?” (Article | Nutrients paper)
Time – “Why You Should Rest—a Lot—If You Have COVID-19” (Article | IJERPH paper)
The Atlantic – “When’s the Perfect Time to Get a Flu Shot?” (Article | Vaccines paper, paper)

MDPI Papers Cited in the News, 2022 – February, March, April, May, June


MDPI journals regularly host conferences for researchers to attend. Above all, this is an important part of how we support the academic community. Notably, in Q3, we hosted two excellent conferences.

4th ISFMS—Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Druggability of Proteins

ISFMS Conference, held in Q3

From 6th to 9th September 2022, Sciforum hosted the 4th ISFMS: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Druggability of Proteins symposium, in Florence, Italy. The event was co-organized with International Journal of Molecular Sciences and local scholars, attracting 84 attendees on-site, 28 talks from invited and selected speakers, and 42 poster presentations. For further details, you can access the event gallery here.

3rd MMCS: Shaping Medicinal Chemistry for the New Decade

MMCS Conference, held in Q3

The 3rd MMCS: Shaping Medicinal Chemistry for the New Decade (MMCS 2022), which was co-organized with the main conference chair, took place in Rome, Italy, from 27th to 29th July 2022. Overall, it attracted 135 attendees in-person, 25 talks from invited and selected speakers, and 55 poster presentations.

Future directions

We’re looking forward to celebrating Open Access Week 2022, and will be sharing blog posts, videos, and a webinar to cover this year’s climate justice theme from all angles.

For the next MDPI Quarterly, we’ll be recapping the Open Access Week 2022 activities and year-end highlights.

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