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MDPI’s Social Sciences Journals are Changing the World

Social sciences are taught in thousands of universities around the world. They have the power to improve societies by encouraging change in various social spheres, including wellbeing, industry, and politics. You may have heard social sciences being referred to as “soft” sciences. The reason that this misconception exists is because they differ from other, more […]

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How Drones are Used to Study Wildlife

You may already know what drones are. They have become the latest technological craze, filling the air, and making headlines with fears about their use. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, were first employed in the military, notably in World War 2. In the 21st century, they have become increasingly affordable. They are now […]

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Predicting Wildfires: Protecting Forests, Wildlife and Infrastructure for the Future

July 2021 was one of the hottest months on record globally. With temperatures reaching close to 50°C in Canada and Italy, the incidence of wildfires across the world was increased compared to previous years. From Greece to California, the Brazilian Amazon to the Siberian Pine Forests, wildfires have been ravaging the landscape, destroying ecosystems and […]

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MDPI’s Author Name Change Policy

MDPI’s new Author Name Change Policy came into effect in February of this year. Under this framework, an author who wishes to change their name after the publication of their work can request to do so, in which case, MDPI will update and republish the relevant articles before resending the updated metadata to the appropriate […]

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Our Commitment to Arts and Humanities

MDPI is often considered to be a scientific institution, but its name, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, indicates that its research crosses many disciplines. This includes the fields of arts and humanities. It is true that MDPI’s arts and humanities research is comparatively scarce. Social sciences, arts and humanities journals make up 1.5% of MDPI’s total […]

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Infertility: More Research Urgently Required

Infertility is something that impacts people around the world. Defined as an inability to get pregnant despite regularly trying to conceive, its effects are numerous and devastating. Globally, 15% of reproductive-aged couples struggle with infertility. More research on infertility is urgently required. MDPI journals, such as Cells and Journal of Clinical Medicine, have many opportunities […]

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