MDPI Papers Cited in the News—April 2022

Throughout April 2022, MDPI papers were cited in 507 news articles, published in prominent outlets such as TIME, Harvard Business Review, The Washington Post, Forbes, BBC News, The Guardian, The New York Times, and National Geographic. Below is a list of some articles from the month of April, and the MDPI paper cited within each piece.

TIME – “How More Cities Worldwide Can Attract Remote Workers” (Article | Sustainability paper)

Harvard Business Review – “How the Metaverse Could Change Work” (Article | Electronics paper) | Want to learn about the Metaverse? Read what it is and what we can expect from it, here.

The Washington Post – “As Australia’s climate changes, a tropical disease advances” (Article | Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease paper)

Forbes – “Meditation Reduces Mind Wandering And Mistakes At Work, New Studies Show” (Article | Brain Sciences paper)

The New York Times – “‘It’s Life or Death’: The Mental Health Crisis Among U.S. Teens” (Article | EJIHPE paper)

The Guardian – “‘Unusual’ deep-sea jellyfish discovered off California coast” (Article | Animals paper)

National Geographic – “These stingless bees make medicinal honey. Some call it a ‘miracle liquid.’” (Article | Insects paper)