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MDPI Papers Cited in the News: July 2022

Throughout July 2022, a total of 408 MDPI papers were cited in news articles published in prominent outlets as The Guardian, Forbes, National Geographic, The Washington Post, BBC News, and CNN. Below is a list of some articles from the month and the MDPI paper cited within each piece.


National Geographic – “How drones are revolutionizing our understanding of sharks” (Article | Drones paper)

The Guardian – “Average UK school meals mostly made of ultra-processed foods” (Article | Nutrients paper)

BBC News – “The habits that help prevent allergies” (Article | IJMS paper)

The Washington Post – “How ‘ghosting’ is linked to mental health” (Article | IJERPH paper)

Forbes – “How Leaders Can Rethink What They Know And Embrace Sustainability” (Article | Brain Sciences paper)

NPR – “Ecologists say federal wildfire plans are dangerously out of step with climate change” (Article | Fire paper)

CNN – “These are the signs that you’re in a toxic work environment” (Article | IJERPH paper)


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