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MDPI Papers Cited in the News—June 2022

Throughout June 2022, a total of 418 MDPI papers were cited in news articles. These articles were published in well-established news outlets, including National Geographic, The Guardian, Forbes, The Washington Post, BBC News, and CNN. Below is a list of some articles from the month of June, along with the MDPI papers cited in these articles.


National Geographic – “New clues are revealing why exercise can keep the brain healthy” (Article | IJMS paper)

The Guardian – “‘It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night’: Preventing Work Stress From Killing You—Literally” (Article | IJERPH paper)

BBC News – “Do strawberries really boost your mood?” (Article | Nutrients paper)

The Washington Post – “Extended weather forecasts could aid power grid stability, renewables” (Article | Energies paper)

Forbes – “Four Reasons Why Whole-Genome Sequencing Could Cause A Paradigm Shift In Maternal-Fetal Medicine” (Article | Diagnostics paper)

NPR – “How these neighbors use fire to revitalize their communities, and land” (Article | Remote Sensing paper)

CNN – “Social stress prematurely ages your immune system, study finds” (Article | IJMS paper, paper)


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