MDPI Papers Cited in the News—March 2022

Throughout March 2022, MDPI papers were cited in 540 news articles, published in prominent outlets as Harvard Business Review, The Washington Post, Forbes, CNN, the BBC News, The Guardian, and National Geographic. Below is a list of some articles from the month of March, and the MDPI paper cited within each piece.

Harvard Business Review – “We Need Trauma-Informed Workplaces” (Article | Behavioral Sciences paper)

The Washington Post – “Empathic curiosity is a way for health-care professionals to manage stress” (Article | Nutrients paper)

Forbes – “The Heavy Costs Of Sleep Deprivation: Dementia, Obesity, and Death” (Article | Healthcare paper)

CNN – “Does spirituality belong at the doctor’s office?” (Article | Religions paper)

The Guardian – “‘Cities need to be redesigned for the climate crisis. Can they make us happy, too?” (Article | Climate paper)

National Geographic – “Killing cockroaches with pesticides is only making the species stronger” (Article | Molecules paper, paper)