Stefan Tochev Stefan Tochev2 September 2022 Open Science

MDPI Papers Cited in the News: August 2022

Throughout August 2022, a total of 557 MDPI papers were cited in news articles published in prominent outlets as Forbes, TIME, The Guardian, National Geographic, The Washington Post, and BBC News. Below is a list of some articles from the month and the MDPI paper cited within each piece.

BBC – “How whiskey is shaped by the weather and climate” (Article | Foods paper)

Forbes – “The Heavy Lifting Of T Cells In Immunocompromised Covid-19 Patients” (Article | Viruses paper)

Time – “Why You Should Care About Celebrities’ Climate Hypocrisy” (Article | Sustainability paper)

The Guardian – “Is it time to end cats’ right to roam?” (Article | Animals paper)

National Geographic – “Humans are not prepared for a pandemic caused by fungal infections” (Article | IJERPH paper, Sustainability paper)

The Washington Post – “Nature can affect human well-being in many more ways than you think” (Article | Fungi paper)

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