12 MDPI Papers Cited in the News December

MDPI Papers Cited in the News: December 2022

Throughout December 2022, a total of 626 mentions of MDPI papers were cited in news articles published in prominent outlets such as National Geographic, BBC, The Atlantic, Forbes, The Washington Post, CNN, and The Guardian. Below is a list of some articles from the month and the MDPI paper cited within each piece.

The Washington Post – “AI and robots could help detect urinary tract infections earlier” (Article | Diagnostics paper)

The Guardian – “Menopause remains taboo in most workplaces. This needs to change.” (Article | IJERPH paper)

BBC – “What would a green World Cup look like?” (Article | Sustainability paper)

Forbes – “Teaming Up Two Biotech Winners to Fight Cancer: CRISPR and CAR T” (Article | IJMS paper)

National Geographic – “Are cures for some of the world’s deadliest diseases hiding in our sewers?” (Article | Viruses paper, paper | Antibiotics paper)

The Atlantic – “The Year Without Germs Changed Kids” (Article | Microorganisms paper)

CNN – “Targeted therapy shows benefit for people with advanced breast cancer in late-stage trial” (Article | Cancers paper)

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