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Journal Statistics Feature

As a way to demonstrate the success and readership of our Journals, MDPI has recently launched the Journal Statistics page. In depth statistics are now available for all of our journals covered in Scopus. After clicking on the name of the relevant journal, you will find the ‘Journal Statistics’ link in the menu on the left side of the […]

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A new look for MDPI papers

You may have noticed a fresh look to many MDPI journals over the past few months. We have given the article PDFs a makeover to enhance readability and make the research more accessible than ever.   There are a number of changes, but here are a few of the main features of the new look: More compact front matter: […]

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Q&A III: The Editorial Process and Getting Involved

Here is the third instalment of a series of blog posts answering common questions we have received. If you missed them, you can go back and read the first two posts here and here. Today’s questions cover the editorial process and how you and your institution can contribute to MDPI projects.   Q. Are there any regulations for […]

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Q&A II: Published Papers

Here is the second post in our series responding to questions from authors, editors and readers of MDPI journals, all raised during open access week. If you have further feedback or questions you would like to share with us, you can do so at anytime by visiting our Feedback Corner. The following covers questions about published papers. […]

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Q&A I: Authors, Submission and Peer-Review

We always enjoy opportunities to get direct face-to-face feedback from authors and readers, and the recent open access week was an excellent opportunity. We were asked a number of interesting questions that we thought would merit a wider audience. This post kicks off a short series including a selection of the best questions. We are […]

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Awards at MDPI

As a way to encourage and inspire further scientific research and investigation, MDPI journals regularly offer awards to young scientists. There are various categories, for example Young Investigator and Junior Scientist Travel Awards. These are used to sponsor assistant professors, junior scientists, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students to attend various conferences. We still have some […]

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