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Committed to Open Access

MDPI is committed to Open Access of all our published research as a tool to disseminate and advance knowledge. We have recently undertaken to support several initiatives to clarify, strength and maintain the use of Open Access publication.

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Reviving the I3S: The 4th International Symposium on Sensor Science will take place in 2015

Sensors are becoming ever more embedded in our daily lives. They are integral parts of the increasingly complex tools we use. As a result, we have higher levels of convenience, safety and efficiency. Advances in sensors sciences have enabled the creation of self-driving cars, remotely controllable households, fully automated production lines, and airborne drones. And […]

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All Hands on Deck: Authoring, Reviewing, Publishing

We continually strive to ensure satisfaction with all the services we provide to authors and readers of our journals. In particular, the careful selection of external expert reviewers is of utmost importance. It is the reviewers’ critical scrutiny that enables authors to improve their scientific output and guarantees the high quality of published articles. We […]

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Finding the Best Fit: Bayesian Statistics Meets Geometry

A common problem faced in research is when a set of data has been collected on the one hand, and a theoretical model (a set of equations with input parameters) exists on the other. We want to know firstly, whether the model describes the data well and secondly, what variables of the model give the […]

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New and Notable This Week

This week’s selection of recently published papers from MDPI journals.

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Nanoporous Xerogels “Sniff Out” Bad Bacteria

Bacteria were among the first life forms to appear on the face of the Earth and have the uncanny ability to overcome even the harshest of environments, from acidic hot springs to the ice-fields of the poles and deep portions of the Earth’s crust. They are so abundant, that they make up the majority of […]

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