New Sciforum Website Released

MDPI is pleased to announce the launch of the new Sciforum website, with the aim of offering scholars the possibility to exchange knowledge and know-how and build collaborations. Over the last months, we have been developing a different range of services and options that can cover a range of scholarly needs.

Sciforum features

Here are just some of the features available on Sciforum:

  • Organize physical and electronic conferences.
  • Host or participate in online conferences and discussion groups.
  • Share papers and files.
  • Keep track of new developments in your field.
  • Access data on academic publishers and journals.
  • Discuss scholarly papers from our online database of over 110 million records.
  • Maintain your user profile and follow top experts in your field.

Organizing your conference

Are you a scholar that wants to create a conference and needs an online platform for hosting? Sciforum gives users the possibility to create their own conference, and select from a physical or online format.

Physical conferences

Physical conferences take place at a set location to which participants travel. Sciforum serves as a platform for conference registrations, as well as for the submission, review, and revision of conference abstracts. Proceedings and presentations can be made available during or after the event.

Online or electronic conferences

Online conferences are hosted at Sciforum and happen virtually. Users can upload slides/presentations/videos and interact with participants in real-time by commenting on presentations/papers and voting. With this format, both presenters and attendees can participate for free. During the conference, participants can discuss conference papers online. Proceedings and discussions are directly archived on Sciforum and receive a digital object identifier (DOI).

Currently we offer users two options for setting up conferences:

  • Managed service: The website, submissions, registrations and billing are fully managed by Sciforum staff.
  • Self-service option: The website, submissions and registrations are fully managed by the conference committee.

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The Sciforum Staff will help you if you have any issues, doubt or questions and will manage all the services you will address them. You can find more information and fees of the services Sciforum offers here: Sciforum Services  or contact us at:

Create discussion and collaboration groups

Sciforum gives all registered account holders the opportunity to host or participate in discussion groups free of charge. These groups can be either closed, where groups are private and members are moderated by the group owner; or open, where anyone can join and participate. Each group is linked to a mailing list, meaning that the messages posted online in the discussion group will be automatically distributed to group members.

Our discussion groups offer useful tools such as a shared bibliography management tool, export of citations in different formats, sharing and exchange of files in private groups or directly amongst members of the platform.

New Sciforum website

With the launch of the new Scifrum website, we are always looking at ways to improve the service for its users. We look forward to seeing you on Sciforum soon and introducing more features.

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