AIS-I3S 2024

AI Sensors & The 10th International Symposium on Sensor Science

There is just over a month to go before the abstract submission deadline for the 1st international conference “AI Sensors & The 10th International Symposium on Sensor Science (AIS-I3S)”. The deadline is 3 April 2024, you don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity!

AIS-I3S-2024 is a collaboration with the 10th International Symposium on Sensors Science (I3S 2024).

It is an in-person conference that will take place in vibrant Singapore from 1 to 4 August 2024. It provides a dynamic platform for academic leaders, thought leaders, pioneers, engineers, students, and visionaries in the multidisciplinary field of AI sensors. The main aim of the symposium is to explore cutting-edge advancements as well as share groundbreaking research and foster collaboration that will shape the future of sensing technology across various industries.

MDPI (publisher of Sensors) will follow a four-day format. There will be five symposia, all with fascinating topics related to the latest research in AI sensor technology. In addition, there will also be fourteen workshops detailing specialised topics in sensor technology. With the deadline for submissions approaching, we go over important details you need to know about this exciting conference.

AIS-I3S details

Artificial Intelligence is infiltrating many fields and inspiring innovation in future technologies. AI technology has been around for decades; however, in recent years it has developed and been used more frequently. It was one of the fastest-growing markets in 2023. Furthermore, it continues to inspire, as globally 80% of companies have adopted this technology, and 83% of these companies plan to use AI in their business strategies. In addition, by 2025, globally there will be 100 million AI jobs.

As AI is being utilized in various industries, it’s important to keep innovating and developing new technologies that can support future growth. Research and development in the field of AI sensors are integral to the growth of AI in various industries. The conference will cover a range of areas which have seen developments in the field of AI sensors, from wearable AI sensors to energy-harvesting technologies as well as innovation in smart homes, healthcare and rehabilitation.

AIS-I3S 2024 is an excellent opportunity for scientists, engineers, researchers and pioneers in AI sensor technology to present their work and innovations to up to 600 participants. This provides a space and scope for conversations and innovation.

MDPI is excited to welcome all participants to Singapore to discuss the future of AI sensors whilst unveiling new and exciting technologies. A reminder that this event is an in-person event only, and it is not possible to participate online

What is the purpose of AIS-I3S 2024?

This conference is an opportunity to meet the growing demand for AI sensor technology by adding to and developing the discussion and future technologies.

Why did MDPI launch the conference?

The journal Sensors strives for innovation in the technology field. As AI has made such a significant impact on all fields, especially technology in recent years, Sensors felt it was important to demonstrate and present growth in this area. This gives leaders in the AI sensors field a platform to present new technologies to support AI for future development in a range of fields.

The chairs state that,

“Sensor science has become one of the most active research areas. The emerging new sensing materials include the low-dimension materials, nanowires, MXene, and MOF, etc. The novel metamaterials also provide a new sensing platform covering a wide wavelength range as well as diversified frequency bands. The AI-enabled metamaterials/metasurface design gives a pathway to generate new physics of sensors and creative systems for sensing applications. In addition to the AI-enabled sensor design, the deep learning enhanced sensory information analysis and data sensor data analytics become indispensable in many applications from industry 5.0, smart traffic control, energy industry, environmental monitoring, smart buildings/factories/hospitals, and smart homes etc”

“Our mission is to explore cutting-edge advancements, share groundbreaking research, and foster collaboration that will shape the future of sensing technology across various industries.”

Sensors has continued to contribute in many different ways to the research community. Learn more about Sensors here.

The AIS 2024 Symposia

The conference will have five symposia, each with its own subject matter and guest speakers.

  • Symposium 1: Wearable AI Sensors
  • Symposium 2: Energy Harvesting Technology for Self-Sustained AIoT System
  • Symposium 3: Enabling Technologies for Neuromorphic Computing and Photonics Neural Networks
  • Symposium 4: Haptic Technology for Future Metaverse Applications
  • Symposium 5: Advances in Intelligent Sensors and Robots for AI-Enhanced Applications – Industry 5.0, Digital Twin, Smart Homes, Healthcare, and Rehabilitation

Each session will be made up of topics on cutting-edge AI sensor technology and enabling technology for AI sensing systems. They will be presented by a range of leaders in the field, including esteemed speakers,  Prof. Quan Yuan, Prof. Jun Wu, Prof. Bo Meng, Prof. Qiongfeng Shi and Prof. Zhiran Yi. As well as, Prof. Yingzhong Tian, Prof. Jaehong Lee, Prof. Yingzhong Tian, Prof. Jaehong Lee and Prof. Zhen Wen.

The conference will also have fourteen workshops designated to presenting all the advancements in research in the sensor field. Sensor science has become one of the most active areas of research over the past few years. The workshops will provide a platform for leaders in the field to present their research as well as allowing those in AI-enabled sensor science to present new findings in this area.

I3S Workshops

  • Workshop 1: Sensors Enhanced by Deep Learning
  • Workshop 2: Sensors Using Metamaterials and Nanophotonics
  • Workshop 3: Sensors and IC Sensors Using CMOS MEMS and CMOS Compatible Materials
  • Workshop 4: Si Photonics for Sensing and Edge Computing
  • Workshop 5: Advanced Semiconductors and Heterogeneous Integration for Sensing Systems and Applications in 6G (e.g., compound semiconductors, 2D materials, chiplet, and system-in-package, etc.)
  • Workshop 6: Sensors, Implanted Energy Harvesters and Devices, and In-body IoT Technology for Prosthesis and Electroceuticals
  • Workshop 7: Sensors for Agriculture Applications and Harsh Environment
  • Workshop 8: Biosensors and Chemosensors
  • Workshop 9: Flexible, Stretchable and Wearable Sensors
  • Workshop 10: Self-Powered Sensors and Sensing Systems
  • Workshop 11: IoT Sensors and System Integration
  • Workshop 12: Advances in Sensor Applications
  • Workshop 13: Sensors and Sensor Fusion in Autonomous Vehicles and Drones
  • Workshop 14: Sensors and Sensing Systems for Advanced Metrology

Each session will be chaired by leaders in the field, including Prof. Cheng-Wei Qiu, Prof. Ranjan Singh, Prof. Nan Wang, Prof. Wei-Chang Li and Prof. Yi-Kuen Lee.  As well as, Prof. Ray-Hua Horng, Prof. ITOH Toshihiro, Prof. Huangxian Ju, Prof. Dr. Ya Yang and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Rasit Yuce.

Participating in the AIS-I3S 2024 symposium

We encourage the submission of abstracts for the AIS-I3S 2024 symposium. Participating in this conference is something that can help the dissemination of ideas to the wider community and allows a bigger platform for visibility.

To submit an abstract, be sure to visit the Sciforum platform. The deadline is the 3 April 2024, so don’t miss out! You can also register online to participate in the event, and directions to all the venues, by plane or train, are available on the website. We look forward to seeing you there!

Don’t forget, the early-bird registration deadline is 3 June 2024. The regular registration deadline is 1 August 2024.