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Live cell imaging allows real time measurements while maintaining the delicate balances and intricate complexity of the cell. Further, sufficient data sampling using quantitative single cell imaging addresses inaccuracies produced by averaging data from cell populations that may be heterogeneous (perhaps with subpopulations displaying opposing characteristics and behavior) and allows the exclusion of outliers. [...]

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The MDPI Magazine will highlight scientific papers selected in collaboration with the editors of MDPI journals in the life sciences. The aim of this online-only magazine is to raise awareness of articles chosen for their interest to a wide scientific audience, and to stimulate open and interactive dialogues on their content. [...]

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It's an honor to share with all of you my last paper as firt author, in which we review the application of pore-forming toxins produced by cindarians and arachnids as biotechonolgical tools #venom #toxins #bigdata #mdpitoxins… @Toxins_MDPI