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Spotlight on Journal of Functional Biomaterials

This week, we’re shining the spotlight on the Journal of Functional Biomaterials. Established in 2010, the journal provides a home for research on materials for biomedical use. It is dedicated to publishing high-quality research and continues to highlight the importance of collaboration across disciplines.

Here, we’ll look at its history, aims and the submission process, and explore the types of research found in the journal.

A history of Journal of Functional Biomaterials 

The Journal of Functional Biomaterials was launched in 2010. It began as a quarterly publication, and has since grown in scope and output. Having been indexed in PubMed – National Library of Medicine in 2014, the journal also saw the publication of its 100th paper in the same year. The journal was then indexed in Web of Science and Scopus among others in 2018. In the following year, it received its first CiteScore of 4.1. This has since risen to 5.0 (as of 2024).

With its successful growth, the journal received its first Impact Factor in 2022. And to celebrate the high-impact work published within the journal, several awards have been introduced. Beginning with the Travel Award in 2017, the roster of awards now celebrates the contribution of reviewers and those papers that have had the greatest academic reach through citations. You can access the journal’s awards page to find out more.

Sections and scope

The research published in the Journal of Functional Biomaterials is a result of collaborations in the disciplines of chemistry, medicine, pharmacology, engineering, and biology. Bringing these disciplines together has helped to create greater scope for research focused on biomedical and pharmaceutical technology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, nanomedicines, and sensors used for health. In promoting these collaborations, the journal has, since 2010, championed pioneering research related to devices that “aim to restore form and human body functions”.

The journal publishes on a variety of areas in the field of functional biomaterials. Below is a list of the specific sections included in the journal:

  • Bone Biomaterials
  • Dental Biomaterials
  • Antibacterial Biomaterials
  • Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
  • Biomaterials for Drug Delivery
  • Biomaterials for Cancer Therapies
  • Cell-Biomaterial Interaction
  • Biomaterials and Devices for Healthcare Applications
  • Synthesis of Biomaterials via Advanced Technologies

Journal of Functional Biomaterials in 2024

As of 2024, the Impact Factor of the Journal of Functional Biomaterials stands at 4.8. It has, in total, published 1450 papers, of which an impressive 376 have been cited 10 or more times. Throughout 2024, the Journal of Functional Biomaterials will continue to publish and promote research that aims to bolster our understanding of materials for biomedical use.

1st International Online Conference on Functional Biomaterials

Excitingly, the 1st International Online Conference on Functional Biomaterials is scheduled for this year. Taking place 10‒12 July, the virtual conference will be chaired by Dr. Panjak Vadgama from Queen Mary University of London. Interested authors have until March 2024 to submit abstracts, with notifications being sent out in early April. Topics of interest include bioinspired sensorics, information processing and control, and biomimetic surfaces and interfaces. The event page includes a more detailed list of topics of interest and information regarding registration as well as event awards.

Want to learn more?

The Journal of Functional Biomaterials is an international, peer-reviewed and Open Access journal publishing works and research from the field of biomedicine. The journal is published monthly online by MDPI. For more information, please see the journal’s page. 

Thinking of submitting your manuscript to the Journal of Functional Biomaterials?

Manuscripts for the Journal of Functional Biomaterials should be submitted online at The submitting author, who is generally the corresponding author, is responsible for the manuscript during the submission and peer review process.

To submit your manuscript, register and log in to the submission website. Once you have registered, click here to go to the submission form. All co-authors can see the manuscript details in the submission system if they register and log in using the e-mail address provided during manuscript submission.

Future research

The Journal of Functional Biomaterials is dedicated to publishing cutting-edge research on a diverse range of topics related to biomaterials. If you’re planning on submitting work in this area of research, the journal will have a section suitable for you.

If you’re interested in finding more information about the journal’s scope, future awards, or anything else, please visit their website.