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In the first quarter of 2022, we released the 2021 Annual Report to commemorate MDPI’s 25th anniversary, including a timeline to reflect on progress and celebrate some major milestones from MDPI’s first 25 years. The report also highlights our initiatives and achievements in 2021.

MDPI celebrated International Women’s Day with the theme of #BreakTheBias, featuring three members of MDPI’s management team in a special interview, discussing their experiences and aspirations.

The number of peer-reviewed articles published from January to March 2022 was 66,119. Eleven journals published their first issues in March 2022: Bacteria, Colorants, Microplastics, Poultry, Powders, Fintech, Hydrobiology, Meteorology, Seeds, Methane, and Software. Three recently transferred journals released their first issues with MDPI: Thalassemia Reports, International Journal of Plant Biology, and Hematology Reports. The journal Physics was accepted for coverage in Scopus, and the World Electric Vehicle Journal for coverage in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science), respectively.

News and Announcements

The 2021 MDPI Annual Report has now been released!

2021 was a special year, in which we celebrated our 25th anniversary. The Annual Report highlights major milestones from the last 25 years and key achievements from the past year.

MDPI Commitment to the SDG Publishers Compact

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. MDPI is committed to promote Open Access (OA) content on SDGs in the form of scientific articles and books, as well as our other initiatives, such as the World Sustainability Award and the Emerging Sustainability Leader Award.

Bibsam Consortium Signs National Agreement for Sweden with MDPI

A national agreement between MDPI and the Bibsam Consortium has been agreed and extends to 21 Swedish institutions including KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Linnaeus University, Linköping University and Stockholm University. With the agreement, we intend to intensify our collaboration with Swedish authors and help them to benefit from publishing across our portfolio of open access journals.

#BreakTheBias: International Women’s Day 2022 at MDPI

Diversity and dynamism are at the heart of MDPI’s operations. At MDPI, 67% of senior management positions are held by women, whilst globally, women fill just 24% of senior management roles. And globally, around 5% of CEOs are female. MDPI’s own CEO, Delia Mihaila, is part of that 5%.

What is ‘MDPI Books’? The Books Team Explains

Researchers can hold a book featuring their work, thanks to MDPI’s Books service. Here’s how it works, explained by our in-house Books Team.

MDPI Blog Posts

How to Format a Manuscript for MDPI Submission Using LaTeX – Featuring an Interview with Two LaTeXperts

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Writing the Perfect Peer Review Report — An Expert’s Perspective

Writing a peer review report can be a daunting task. We reached out to previous winners of the Outstanding Reviewer Award for some hints and tips on how to structure the perfect review report. Here’s what they said…


How to Choose the Best Title for Your Research Paper

The title of your research paper can increase your citation chances. Led by MDPI research, here’s how to choose the best title for your manuscript and boost its popularity.


Easily Evaded English Errors—Part 1

The devil’s in the details. Perfect your expression with part one of our series of Easily Evaded English Errors for when you’re putting together your research paper.


Preprints—The Future of Open Access Publishing?

“In the fast-paced world of science, wouldn’t it be great if scientific research could be published more or less immediately for quick and easy access and use, without being stuck behind a paywall? Well, preprints allow just that.” In this article, we discuss the benefits of preprints, as well as some limitations, with an expert perspective from Mila Marinkovic, the Managing Director of—an open access preprint platform supported by MDPI.

MDPI Papers in the News

A happy food chain: can mussel farming restore the UK’s damaged coastline?
A recent study published in MDPI journal Nutrients notes that “There is no requirement for feed or antibiotics for mussel cultivation, and the GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions associated with suspended mussel production are a fraction of that associated with producing terrestrial meat or even farmed salmon …”

The article shares that cultivating the shellfish creates a healthy habitat for everything from big fish to molluscs and could offer a sustainable alternative to meat or fish.  Read the feature by The Guardian or the MDPI research article.


15 Things Your Brain Needs To Grow Career Success

Modern imaging techniques have enabled neuroscientists to advance our understanding of the brain and what it needs for optimal job performance. This new article in Forbes magazine shares that science shows practicing these 15 things can keep your brain happy and healthy and maximize career success. Meditation reduces cortisol levels by 25% and alters brain activity. As per article found in MDPI – Brain Sciences, this means you’re less error prone and make fewer mistakes after just 20 minutes of practice.

Read how mindful meditation and conscious deep breathing can help keep your brain sharp, your mind from wandering and your focus on work tasks, in this feature from Forbes, or the original paper published in Brain Sciences.


How a game-changing transplant could treat dying organs

Early success with a procedure called a mitochondrial transplant offers a glimmer of hope for people fighting for survival after heart attack, stroke, and more.

Read the article by National Geographic, or the original paper published in Antioxidants.


Does spirituality belong at the doctor’s office?

Dr. Victoria Sweet says creating space for a real, person-to-person connection is essential in medicine. In this article she reflects on when medical care was spiritual care. In discussing this topic Dr. Sweet references MDPI paper published in Religions, highlighting that spiritual interventions for cancer patients — who are especially vulnerable to spiritual distress — are associated with lower depression, anxiety and hopelessness.

Read the feature in CNN, or the original paper published in Religions.


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