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Insight Faster (Episode 2)—Emerging Sustainability Leader Award Winner Dr. Lela Mélon

To kick off our World Sustainability Awards afterparty, we’ve been speaking to Emerging Sustainability Leader Dr. Lela Mélon. Executive Director of the Planetary Wellbeing Project at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Dr Mélon has already begun to transform higher education and is setting her sights on business. We’ll talk about the Planetary Wellbeing Project, what it’s doing, why, as well as touching on some of the people and organisations who are leading the way in sustainability research and governance.

Dr. Lela Mélon interview

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This is the first part of the World Sustainability Awards Afterparty. On Insight Faster and elsewhere on the Insights from MDPI blog, we’ll be hosting all of the World Sustainability Award Winners to find out the real story about those pushing the boundaries in sustainability research. Next up, on February 2nd, we’ll be publishing an interview with Professor Jack Liu, so be sure to hit subscribe at the top of the page.

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Here are a load of links to pretty much everything we touched on, and some of Dr Mélon’s wider work!

– Jason Hickel – Twitter

– David Attenborough – The Guardian

– Beate Sjåfjell – Twitter

Here are all the relevant links to the recent (In)Corporate Sustainability Conference—Loads to get your teeth into!

Information and Programme. Volume 1:

Volume 2 is still at the editing stage.

– Postgraduate Course in Sustainability Transition Management and Climate Emergency.

– Dr Mélon’s Publons and LinkedIn Profiles.

– Dr Mélon’s most recent book.

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