Insight Faster (Episode 4)—World Sustainability Award Winner John Elkington

Today on Insight Faster we’re back at the afterparty for the 2021 Global Sustainability Awards. This time it’s with Professor John Elkington. Creator of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ and now founder and leader of the sustainability thinktank Volans, Professor Elkington has been leading the sustainability for decades. We’ll dive deep into his work with both Volans and the brand new Green Swans Observatory and we’ll discuss his new book Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism. This episode made me really excited for the potential for real sustainable business!

Interview with John Elkington

It was so refreshing to talk to John about the businesses and organisations that are doing things right, and hear that sustainability doesn’t have to mean sacrificing value or profit. It’s easy when you hear about business’ resistance to becoming more sustainable and the abundance of greenwashing that this is the norm, but there are world-leading businesses out there that sacrifice nothing, including the planet.

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