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Research Highlights: Gamete Donation, Iris Murdoch and Graceful Death

Here is this week’s final selection of highly rated papers, covering law, religion and social sciences.

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Research Highlights: Noisy Lasers, Superhydrophobicity and What IQ Tests Really Mean

Here is the second of this week’s bumper selection of research articles highly recommended by our reviewers. The topics covered include maths, physics and economics.

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Research Highlights: Coffee, Chromatography and more

It’s open access week and we want to highlight some of the excellent research from MDPI authors that you can read completely for free. This is the first of several posts this week highlighting recent papers that were rated highly during the review process. The first selection, mostly from the field of chemistry, includes some […]

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MDPI at the 18th World Congress of the International Society on Toxinology

Oxford was the setting for the 18th World Congress of the International Society on Toxinology. Toxins was pleased to support and attend the conference. It proved a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with many of the journal’s editors, authors and reviewers. The topics of the conference covered the whole plethora of toxic species, notably animal […]

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Think. Check. Submit.

A new campaign to help authors has recently launched, called Think. Check. Submit. It gives a simple workflow to help authors decide whether a journal they are looking at is reputable and the right one for their work. From their website: Not all researchers receive the same level of training and support in how to […]

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MDPI and Publons working together to provide reviewer credit

MDPI is delighted to be working with Publons to recognise the hard work of our reviewers. Reviewing is often done behind closed doors and is an under-appreciated part of the editorial process. However, the comments of the many volunteer reviewers we work with is vital for ensuring the quality of research published in MDPI journals. […]

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Amaia de la Calle, Isabel Harismendy, Cristina Elizetxea Sonia García co-autoras del artículo tecnología CAPROCAST de RTM termoplástico, publicado en la revista Polymers Loading"…