ncRNA 2024 conference

Non-Coding RNA World 2024: Exploring Mechanisms, Designing Medicines.

There is just over a month to go before the submission deadline for the international conference “Non-coding RNA World 2024: Exploring Mechanisms, Designing Medicines”. The deadline is 14th May 2024, you don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity! This is an in-person conference that will take place in the Beautiful city of Basel, Switzerland, from 7 to the 9th October 2024.

This conference follows previous successful conferences in this series, the last most recent being nCRNA 2021 held in July 2021.

The conference, hosted by MDPI (publisher of Non-Coding RNA), will follow a two-day format. With the deadline for submissions approaching, here we go over important details you need to know about this exciting conference.

RNA is a rapidly growing and evolving field. Emerging technologies continue to propel advancements in this field, inspiring developments in molecular biology, nanomedicine applications, physiology, and disease. ncRNA technology is entering a new and exciting era. Advancements in sequencing technology allow for the sequencing of full-length single RNA molecules at single-cell and sub-cellular resolutions. RNA molecules can now be analysed and studied in greater detail. This evolution in technology can facilitate the sequencing of thousands of species’ genomes, driving the mapping and cataloguing of ncRNAs. Additionally, huge strides have been made in the genetic engineering of RNAs, in particular using oligonucleotides and genome-editing technologies. In 2023, Dr. Katalin Karikó and Dr. Drew Weissman won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries using RNA technologies. They identified key nucleoside base modifications that enabled the production of effective mRNA vaccines against COVID-19.

Conference details

ncRNA 2024 is a unique opportunity for the international ncRNA community to come together and share the latest developments in the field. The conference will present the opportunity for experts in the ncRNA community to communicate, presenting future opportunities for collaboration and further development of the field. The conference topics will range from basic biology to medical and technological applications. In addition, the sessions will follow molecular biology through the topics of disease mechanisms, therapies, technologies, and bioinformatic approaches. The sessions will be directed by leading scientists in the area. They will also shine a spotlight on early-career researchers by showcasing their research. In addition, oral presentations will be curated from submitted abstracts, giving authors ample opportunity to present their work as well as providing a space for networking.

MDPI is excited to welcome all participants to Basel to discuss the future of ncRNA research. This is an in-person event only, and it is not possible to participate online.

What is the purpose of ncRNA-2024?

The conference is an opportunity to add to and develop the discussion and technologies for ncRNA regarding therapeutics and biomedicine.

Why did MDPI launch the conference?

The Non-Coding RNA journal provides an advanced forum for research studies on non-coding RNAs and their regulatory roles. This conference aims to bring together the ncRNA community, inspiring future research.

According to the Welcome from the Chairs, the aim is to explore the latest findings in the scientific field of ncRNA with a particular emphasis on future medicine and biotechnology.

The Non-Coding RNA journal has continued to contribute in many different ways to the research community. Learn more about Non-Coding RNA here.

The ncRNA 2024 Sessions

The conference will have five sessions, each with its own subject matter and guest speakers. The sessions are as follows:

  • ncRNA Mechanisms
  • ncRNAs and Disease
  • ncRNA Technologies
  • ncRNA Informatics
  • Emerging Topics in ncRNA

Each session will be made up of relevant topics, presented by a wide selection of pioneers in the ncRNA community. This includes presentations from our esteemed keynote speakers Professor Dr Mauro Giacca and Professor Dr Ling-Ling Chen.

Participating in the ncRNA 2024: Exploring Mechanisms, Designing Medicines conference

We encourage the submission of abstracts for the ncRNA 2024: Exploring Mechanisms, Designing Medicines conference. Participating in this conference can help to disseminate important ideas within the wider community and allows for a bigger platform for visibility.

To submit an abstract, be sure to visit the Sciforum platform. You can also register online to participate in the event. Don’t forget, the early-bird registration deadline is 15th July 2024. The regular registration deadline is the 23rd September 2024.

Directions to get to all of the venues, be it by plane or train, are available on the website. We look forward to seeing you there!