Post-Publication Peer Review for Sci

With its innovative, multidisciplinary journal Sci (2018), MDPI now offers the opportunity for post-publication peer-review (PPPR).

As an Open Access publisher, MDPI responds to calls for more transparency regarding peer review processes amongst academic publishers. Previously, MDPI has launched preprints, a platform for early-stage publication in any discipline. Sci takes a step towards integrating preprints with journal publishing and incorporating a fully transparent post-publication peer review process.

What is post-publication peer review?

PPPR is the process of putting publishing articles online following a brief check, after which they are available for constructive commenting from the wider academic community. In this way, papers can be improved before final acceptance and foster conversation. An additional feature of Sci is that articles will be announced only on the basis of scientific soundness.

Benefits of post-publication peer review

PPPR is a benefit for all of the parties involved:

  • Reviewers receive credit for the crucial task they perform;
  • Authors and editors have their publishing options expanded and can provide evidence of the thorough process their work has gone through;
  • The scientific community is encouraged to engage with articles during peer review.

To ensure academically sound practice as well as productive feedback, potential reviewers have to complete a one-off registration and receive approval. After that, they can comment on any paper online. Covering all fields of academic research, Sci accelerates scientific dissemination while simultaneously upholding a high academic standard, thus contributing to academic accountability and integrity.


The future of peer review

Offering PPPR is in line with MDPI’s continuous strive for efficient and effective distribution of knowledge. Sci also continues our efforts for of open, accessible, and sustainable academic discourse. By launching Sci, we are looking to better serve all those interested in open, accountable scholarly publishing and warmly invite contributions.

For Peer Review Week 2023, MDPI hosted a webinar exploring The Future of Peer Review. This stems from MDPI’s commitment to advancing science and ensuring it remains high quality.