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Research Highlights: Molecular Structures and Mutations

Knowledge of what happens on the molecular scale within is critical for our understanding the function of the human body and other living organisms. Here we highlight three recently published papers that provide critical insights into three key aspects of molecular biology: RNA structure, points mutations, and protein-protein interactions. The X-ray Structures of Six Octameric […]

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Get Credit for your Historical Reviews with Publons

In September 2015, we announced our partnership with Publons to recognise the effort put in by our reviewers and their invaluable contribution to the editorial process. Reviewers for the selected group of 50 MDPI journals can now track, verify and showcase their peer review activity as well as generate certificates and link their profiles to other services like Orcid. […]

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The Impact of Climate Change on Health

In the words of the 2004 Nobel Peace prizewinner, the biologist and environmental activist Wangari Maathai, “Climate Change is life or death. It is the new global battlefield”. Climate change is starting to show its impacts at many different levels: from climatic and environmental concerns, to social and economic effects. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate […]

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Using LaTeX

About 10% of authors to our journals submit their papers in LaTeX, but what exactly is LaTeX and what are the pros and cons? What is LaTeX? LaTeX is a type-setting language. Unlike Microsoft Word, it isn’t a WYSIWYG, it is a markup language where labels in the file define formatting and style. LaTeX is a […]

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Will outrage over Cecil’s death help or harm African wildlife?

Today we have a guest post from Leslie Irvine (Department of Sociology, University of Colorado at Boulder): Thanks to our wired world, an article recently published in Animals on media attention to animals has gained wide media attention. In “Cecil: A Moment or a Movement? Analysis of Media Coverage of the Death of a Lion, […]

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Where to submit? How to choose an open access journal

Many scholars like the idea of open access: it gives the widest possible audience for their work, including other scholars, practitioners and the general public. The problem is often that their field is dominated by a few, well-renowned subscription journals, and open access options seem like a risk and a step into the unknown. Combined […]

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Just published: Developing the Transformative Capacity of Social Innovation through #Learning: A Conceptual Framew……