MDPI Cited in the News January 2024

The month of January has been an exciting start for 2024 in the world of science. 926 of MDPI’s research articles have been cited in some of the most well-known news outlets and magazines, including BBC News and National Geographic. From mental health to marine sciences, research at MDPI covers it all. In this article, we will have a look at some of the research that has circulated in the news this January.

The largest deep-sea coral reef has been mapped by scientists with revolutionary 3D imaging. This discovery was ground-breaking as scientists were unaware of the vast scale of the reef, which reaches 400 miles off the USA Atlantic Coast. Scientists now think there could be other deep sea reefs which could potentially be deeper and bigger in size.

ABC News – ‘Largest deep-sea coral reef to date is mapped by scientists off the USA Atlantic coast’

MDPI article – Geomatics: Mapping and Geomorphic Characterisation

A doctor’s intuition has been shown to be an immensely useful tool when making clinical judgments about a patient. With the use of artificial intelligence for diagnostics on the rise, the importance of a doctor’s judgement is highlighted. Experts emphasise that AI doesn’t account for factors that doctors can pick up and that their role is essential for accurate patient diagnosis.

National Geographic- ‘Doctors’ intuition outperforms artificial intelligence predictive models’

MDPI article – Journal of Clinical Medicine:  Exploratory Study of Associations and Agreement between Prognostic Patient-Registered Factors, Physiotherapists’ Intuitive Synthesis, and Patient-Reported Factors in Whiplash-Associated Disorders

Viral infections induce many changes in the body, and in rare cases can trigger the onset of debilitating conditions. Changes in inflammatory components have previously been linked to schizophrenia, a complex mental disorder. Research shows how severe COVID-19 infections specifically may be linked with a risk of developing schizophrenia and exactly why this is the case.

New Scientist – ‘Severe COVID-19 infections linked to increased risk schizophrenia’

MDPI Article – Viruses: Viral Infections and Schizophrenia: A Comprehensive Review

Garbage patches are large masses of waste that have accumulated in oceans over time. A majority of the patches are accumulating plastics. Scientists attempt to visualise these patches and demonstrate just how much they affect the environment. Current research aims to address its impact, to generate urgency for more efficient waste disposal and reduced plastic consumption.

BBC News: Visualising the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

MDPI article – Journal of Marine Science and Engineering: Garbage Patches and their Environmental Implications on the Plastisphere

January is the peak season for people experiencing winter blues. We need methods that will help us combat the short days and long nights. Physical activity has a wealth of benefits, especially for mental health. New research aims to find out how muscle strength and physical activity can improve mental health.

 CCN News: ‘Seasonal blues? Here’s how to move more and feel better’

MDPI article – International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health: The Effect of Muscular Strength on Depression Symptoms in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

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