Conference: Polymers for a Safe and Sustainable Future

There is just under a month to go before the submission deadline for the international conference “Polymers 2024—Polymers for a Safe and Sustainable Future”. This is an in-person conference that will take place in Glorious Athens, Greece from May 28th to 31st  2024.

Polymers 2024 conference follows previous successful meetings, “Polymers 2018—Polymers: Design, Function and Application held in March 2018, in addition to the more recent “Polymers 2022: New Trends in Polymer Science: Health of the Planet, Health of the People held in May 2022.

MDPI (publisher of Polymers) will maintain the popular three-day format. With the deadline for submissions approaching, here we go over important details you need to know about this exciting conference.

Polymers 2024—Polymers for a Safe and Sustainable Future

Synthetic plastics and microplastics have become a huge issue in modern society. Globally, in the last 50 years, 8.3 to 9.1 million metric tons of plastic have been produced. These materials are extremely robust and difficult to destroy without harming the environment. One example of this is microplastics, synthetic polymers 5 mm in length that stem from the breakdown of bigger plastics.

Microplastics are extremely widespread and have been contaminating oceans and inside living organisms.

This is not surprising as it’s estimated that only 9% of plastics have been recycled and 12% incinerated, whereas the remaining 79% has now accumulated in landfills, rivers, lakes, and the open sea. Because of this, there is a high demand for polymer research and the development of safe and sustainable polymers.

Polymers 2024 is a unique opportunity for polymer scientists from around the world to present their work and innovations in polymer chemistry and technology under the view of sustainable development. It will be divided into seven sessions starting with polymer synthesis and production leading to the environmental aspects such as recycling upcycling and reuse.

MDPI is excited to welcome all participants to historic Athens to discuss the future of polymer science whilst unveiling new and exciting technologies. A reminder that this event is an in-person event only, and it is not possible to participate online.

What is the purpose of Polymers-2024?

The conference is an opportunity to add to and develop the discussion and technologies for environmentally friendly, non-toxic synthetic polymers.

Why did MDPI launch the conference?

Polymers journal strives for innovation and to reduce the environmental impact of synthetic materials. This conference will aim to inspire future technologies and collaborations to reduce the production of harmful polymers.

According to the Welcome from the Chairs, the aims are: to explore the latest findings in the scientific field of polymers, with a particular emphasis on the synthesis of safe polymers with unique properties for human health and environmental sustainability.

Additionally, the goal is to focus on green polymer chemistry and industrial approaches using bioresources to synthesize biobased and biodegradable polymers. As well as, exploring safe and sustainable-by-design polymers using modeling, theory, and simulation and simultaneously investigating their chemical and physical properties for different applications.

The conference also aims to propose novel techniques for polymer recycling and reuse. Furthermore, such an event is a unique opportunity for polymer scientists from around the world to present their works, findings, and innovations in polymer chemistry and technology with regard to sustainable development and with great respect to human life and the environment.

Polymers has continued to contribute in many different ways to the research community. Learn more about Polymers here.

The Polymers 2024 Sessions

The conference will have seven sessions, each with its own subject matter and guest speakers.

  • Polymer Synthesis – Sustainable (Upscale/Industrial) Production
  • Biobased and Biodegradable Polymers – Green Monomer Synthesis By Design
  • Polymer Processing
  • Special Polymers
  • Polymer (Nano)Composites
  • Polymer Applications
  • Environmental Aspects – Recycling, Upcycling, and Reuse

Each session will be made up of relevant topics, presented by a wide selection of polymer scientists. This includes presentations from our esteemed keynote speakers: Professor Dr. Damià Barceló, Professor Dr. Minna Hakkarainen and Professor Dr. Armando J. D. Silvestre.

Participating in the Polymers 2024—Polymers for a Safe and Sustainable Future conference

We encourage the submission of abstracts for the Polymers 2024—Polymers for a Safe and Sustainable Future conference. Participating in this conference is something that can help the dissemination of ideas to the wider community and allows a bigger platform for visibility.

To submit an abstract, be sure to visit the Sciforum platform. You can also register online to participate in the event, and directions to get to all of the venues, be it by plane or train, are available on the website. We look forward to seeing you there!

Don’t forget, the early-bird registration deadline is 2 April 2024. Regular registration deadline is 14 May 2024.