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Reviewer Benefits with MDPI

Reviewer benefits are sometimes things that aren’t clear right away. Peer review is basically a public service, and so there isn’t money to be made by doing it. But the peer review process is really important to us, here at MDPI.

MDPI has a rigorous editorial process, featuring multiple subject and language checks. Between the pre-check and editor’s decision stages, peer review is an integral part of publication.

MDPI also works with Publons to credit peer reviewers for their work. Feel free to check out how it works here.

As such, MDPI has a high standard when it comes to the quality of submissions. Since 2018, MDPI journals also operate an open peer-review option, meaning that the authors have the option to publish the review reports and author responses with the published paper (often referred to as open reports).

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Open reports can be found below the affiliations on the article page.

To ensure that these standards are maintained, academics with high levels of expertise in certain areas are asked to review research papers before publication. Here are 10 reasons why you should review a paper for MDPI.

Recognition as an expert in your field

Being chosen to review a paper is an accomplishment. Only researchers considered to have outstanding knowledge of highly specific topics are selected. Furthermore, MDPI reviewers are credited by Publons, giving recognition for peer review without compromising reviewer anonymity or infringing upon journal policies.

Reviewer benefits can include discounts on a future paper

Peer reviewer benefits can sometimes also take the form of coupons and vouchers. Once you have completed your review, you may receive a voucher code for a discount on future submissions.

Keep up with relevant advances in your field

As a reviewer, you will be able to read about innovative research and brand-new publications, hot off the press. Having first-hand knowledge of recent updates in your subject can help you to stay up to date and informed, inspiring your future research and keeping you in the loop.

Improve your craft

Sometimes, peer reviewer benefits come in the form of experience. By reviewing a research paper, you will be developing useful critical writing skills that will serve you well in future projects.

Reviewer benefits include important experience for future positions

Showing that you have reviewed multiple research papers demonstrates a commitment to your field, as well as your competence and experience as a reviewer. Your review can also be added to your MDPI SciProfiles page, further publicising your role as reviewer.

Certification for CV enhancement

MDPI provides reviewers with a personalised reviewer certificate, to authenticate and honour your contribution to scientific advancement.

Make connections with relevant people

Corresponding with journal staff and other researchers in your field can help you to form lasting connections and provide contacts for future collaborations. Your review may also lead to further invitations to join the reviewer, topic or editorial board.

Win an award!

By becoming a reviewer for MDPI, you will automatically be entered into the running to win the journal’s Outstanding Reviewer Award, for which the prize is usually a monetary award, a publication discount and a certificate.

Satisfaction of contribution is a great reviewer benefit

In a field that you love, deciding what should be part of the canon can be remarkably liberating. As such, it is part of your academic footprint and can also be part of your legacy, progressing human knowledge and having an impact.

Have your name featured in the journal’s annual acknowledgement

What better way to have your name and work quickly indexed and searchable by future colleagues and connections? Your name will be attached to the journal and act as a reference for your collaboration.