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Launching New Journals—A Journey of Continuous Exploration

Since launching over two decades ago, we have expanded into many different fields, launching new journals in various fields and disciplines. There are still areas that our current portfolio doesn’t cover, sub-fields that deserve their own dedicated journal and new research directions that we can support.

MDPI is continuously expanding its portfolio and some of the new journals we plan to launch next year are currently open for applications for the positions of Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board Member.

We are looking for scientists interested to be part of a team of well-known experts and share their extensive expertise and knowledge, with the purpose of building high-standard journals specifically dedicated to their field of interest.

More details on the Editor-in-Chief/Editorial Board Member responsibilities can be found here. Applicants are encouraged to send their resume/website linked to their resume, along with a list of relevant publications at

Launching new journals in 2018

In the following, we present the preliminary aim and scopes of forthcoming journals:

Clean Technologies

Clean Technologies is an international, Open Access journal of related scientific research, technology development and policy and management studies, which aims to introduce environmentally friendly technology and improve traditionally polluting processes.


Reports is an international, peer-reviewed, Open Access medical journal that publishes case reports and other related research articles. Our aim is to improve the management of patients by compiling reports across all medical disciplines that are both practical and useful for clinicians, researchers, healthcare professionals, and other relevant care providers.


Vehicle is an international, Open Access journal of automotive engineering and technology. It provides an advanced forum for theoretical, computational and experimental research on motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks and all land-based vehicles with regards to the design, manufacture, operation and modification of those vehicles and their engineering systems.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Gastrointestinal Disorders is an Open Access journal dedicated to research in gastroenterology. We aim to gather the latest, most relevant studies and reviews, case reports, and technical expertise for instant dissemination in the field of gastroenterology.


Surfaces is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal focusing on fundamental aspects of chemistry and physics occurring at surfaces, interfaces and thin films. It aims to achieve a better understanding of surfaces and interfaces as well as their applications.

International Journal of Hormone Research

The International Journal of Hormone Research is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal on endocrinology and metabolism. It publishes the results of original research articles, reviews, communications, and short notes that are relevant to any field of human and animal hormones.

Electrochemical Science and Technology

Electrochemical Science and Technology provides an advanced forum for the science and technology of electrochemistry. It publishes reviews, regular research papers (articles) and communications in all areas of electrochemistry.

Fractal and Fractional

Fractal and Fractional is an online, peer-reviewed and Open Access journal which provides an advanced forum for studies related to fractals and fractional calculus and their applications in different fields of science and engineering.


Cybersecurity is an online, Open Access, peer-reviewed journal which provides a forum for the dissemination of research related to all technical areas of cyber security. This includes information, computer and network security, cryptography, cyber–physical system security, digital forensics, etc., but the journal also includes interdisciplinary articles that cover privacy, ethical, legal, and economical aspects of cyber security.

Engineering—Civil and Environmental Engineering

Engineering—Civil and Environmental Engineering is an international, Open Access and peer-reviewed journal which publishes research findings and developments in civil and environmental engineering.


The Journal of Statistics is an international, Open Access journal on the science of statistics. Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish interesting and novel contributions on the development of statistical methodology, new theoretical results, and innovative applications of statistics and probability in other scientific disciplines.


Particles is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal devoted to the publication of original research papers, review articles, and communications related to new results and progress in the domain of nuclear physics and particle physics. Topics also include experimental/theoretical high-energy physics and astrophysics.


Plasma is an Open Access, cross-disciplinary scholarly journal of scientific studies related to all aspects of plasma science, such as plasma physics, plasma chemistry and space plasma.

Looking forward with MDPI

MDPI is committed to expanding its diverse portfolio by launching new journals. We have a wide selection of options available for you, why not look at our Spotlights, in which we highlight the history and scope of some of our best journals.