Reviewing for MDPI Just Became More Rewarding

In addition to our collaboration with Publons to recognize the hard work of our reviewers, we also provide APC vouchers to reviewers who provide timely and substantial comments. We realize that without their contribution the success of our open access journals would not be possible.

That’s why we have decided to increase the discounts on Article Processing Charges (APCs) that we provide to our reviewers. From now on, any timely review will receive an APC discount voucher, and vouchers can be cumulated.

Interested in becoming a reviewer? See what we expect here and sign up at the bottom of the page.

For more information on our journal APCs, please see here.

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  1. I think this is not correct for all MDPI journals. Most of them provide a maximum 100 CHF for a timely review.

    • We have modified the amounts over time, but the principle of rewarding reviewers in this way has not changed.

  2. If I have two reviewers’ vouchers, can I use both for one article? For example, if the APC is 550 CHF, will I pay 350 CHF with these two vouchers applied?

    • Is it possible for the co-authors of a manuscript to use their own vouchers all together? or only corresponding author can use his vouchers?
      If it is possible, how I can use the co-authors’ voucher alongside mine?

      • Co-authors can also use their vouchers, but the person who was issued the voucher must be an author

  3. Revievers’ vouchers cannot be combined with institutional discounts.

    I received today this piece of information: “Unfortunately, according to the policy, voucher discount can not be combined used with IOAP institution discount.”

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