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Structures and Synthesis of Zwitterionic Polymers

In a fascinating article in the journal Polymers, André Laschewsky has delved into the subject of zwitterionic polymers.

Zwitterionic polymers

As per the abstract of the article: 

The structures and synthesis of polyzwitterions (“polybetaines”) are reviewed, emphasizing the literature of the past decade. Particular attention is given to the general challenges faced, and to successful strategies to obtain polymers with a true balance of permanent cationic and anionic groups, thus resulting in an overall zero charge. Also, the progress due to applying new methodologies from general polymer synthesis, such as controlled polymerization methods or the use of “click” chemical reactions is presented. Furthermore, the emerging topic of responsive (“smart”) polyzwitterions is addressed. The considerations and critical discussions are illustrated by typical examples.

About the author


André Laschewsky has held a combined position as professor for Polymer Chemistry at the University of Potsdam (Germany) and as a scientific director at the Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Polymer Research (IAP) since 2001. Previously, he held positions at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium), E. I. Dupont de Nemours (Wilmington, Delaware) and the University of Mainz (Germany). His research interests can be listed as the design, synthesis and investigation of new functional monomers and polymers, with a focus on supramolecular systems, surfaces and nanotechnology. Particular emphasis has been given to aqueous media, biomicking/bioinspired materials, and self-organizing systems. A major objective is the understanding of how macroscopic properties and behavior of polymers can be correlated with their microscopic and mesoscopic structure.

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We encourage the interested reader to read Prof. Laschewsky’s article, published in the MDPI journal, Polymers. There you will be able to learn more about this interesting work, as well as find further information in the Special Issue linked below.

Laschewsky, A. Structures and Synthesis of Zwitterionic PolymersPolymers 20146, 1544-1601.