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Spotlight on Applied Sciences

Our spotlight series highlights and promotes important aspects of our journals here at MDPI. This post takes a closer look at Applied Sciences.

A brief history: Applied Sciences

Applied Sciences was founded in 2011 when its inaugural issue was published. The journal has been guided and developed by the same Editor-in-Chief for over 10 years, Prof. Dr. Takayoshi Kobayashi.

A key milestone for the journal was in 2015 when it received its first impact factor, 1.484. In addition, the journal also added two new sections this year including, Optics and Lasers and Nanotechnology and Applied Nanosciences.

The journal began publishing on a quarterly basis however this was updated in 2016 when it started publishing monthly.

Another milestone for the journal was reaching 10,000 publications in 2019.

Other highlights include establishing the first series of conferences for the journal in 2020, the 1st International Electronic Conference on Applied Sciences (ASEC 2020). In addition, this was so successful they organized a second conference in 2021, ASEC 2021.

The impact factor of the journal has continued to grow over the years, as has the size of the journal. Since 2011 Applied Sciences has added 32 sections! In 2021, the impact factor was 2.838.

Want to learn more?

Applied Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed open-access journal that publishes studies related to the field. Our goal is to provide rigorous peer review and enable rapid publication of cutting-edge research to educate and inspire the scientific community worldwide. We encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible. And there is no restriction on the length of the papers. Full experimental details must be provided. This is so that results can be reproduced. If you want to learn more about MDPI’s open-access policies, please visit our site for details.

Thinking of submitting your manuscript to Applied Sciences?

Manuscripts should be submitted online at The submitting author is generally the corresponding author and is responsible for the manuscript during the submission and peer-review process. To submit your manuscript, register and log in to the submission website. Once you have registered, click here to go to the submission form for Applied Sciences. All co-authors can see the manuscript details in the submission system. To do so, they must register and log in using the e-mail address provided during manuscript submission.

Successes and what’s next

Applied Sciences has had a variety of successes over the years and continues to gain followership and improve on its impact factor most years. Furthermore, it continues to organize innovative conference ideas to inspire both researchers and their readers. In 2023 they organized an online webinar entitled The Basics of Plasma Medicine and Its Biomedical Applications.

In addition, they are collaborating in two other online webinars with the journals Nanomaterials and Processes. They collaborated with Symmetry journal on the in-person webinar in Barcelona!  These collaborations bring further opportunities as many of these conferences and webinars are rewarding participants with awards and prizes.

If you’re interested in any of these future conferences or submitting research to Applied Sciences, please visit their website.