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MDPI Magazine: The First Year

Here, we’re excite to go go over the achievements of the magazine in the first year.

The MDPI Magazine was started a year ago with an idea to provide an overview of recently published papers from MDPI journals that are of broad interest for the natural science community, particularly those in the life sciences. In this way, and reflecting the growing trend in inter- and multi-disciplinary research, the Magazine aims to raise awareness of current advances in a wide range of scientific disciplines.

First year updates

While originally providing individual paper highlights once a month or so, the Magazine now offers a weekly roundup of recently published papers of high general interest from MDPI journals in the feature, New and Notable This Week. The Magazine still features highlight summaries of individual papers, and has also started publishing Guest Commentaries and Interviews as well.

Gregor Drummen, a biochemist who studied at the University of Utrecht, has recently joined the Magazine, contributing engaging highlight summaries of articles. Gregor is welcomed also as the Editor of Advanced Technologies, a section of the Magazine that will highlight papers with a focus on technological advances and their impact on research and the development of applications.

In the coming year the Magazine aims to continue to promote awareness of papers of high general interest from MDPI journals; the goal thus remains the same: to provide readers with an informative and interesting look beyond one’s own specialty, encouraging a broad scientific perspective.

Your comments on highlighted articles and any feedback or suggestions for the MDPI Magazine are always most welcome.

Yours sincerely,

Piera Cicchetti
MDPI Magazine

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Further information

While MDPI Magazine no longer exists and has been replaced, we look forward to providing updates to the blog as we are able to. We look forward to continuing our long history of bringing interesting topics to the reader.