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MDPI Altmetrics – Top 10 Published Articles in 2016

2017 is already well under way, but before we get too caught up with the year ahead let’s take a look back to see what people were talking about last year. We have compiled a selection of articles from six subject areas that all received a great deal of attention, as measured by Altmetric. Click on the titles to read the full article, or to see where and how people discussed the paper, click on the Altmetric score.


 Biology and Life Sciences

nutrients-logoThe Effects of Montmorency Tart Cherry Concentrate Supplementation on Recovery Following Prolonged, Intermittent Exercise

Phillip G. Bell, Emma Stevenson, Gareth W. Davison and Glyn Howatson

Altmetric Score = 564


nutrients-logoAssociations between Macronutrient Intake and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea as Well as Self-Reported Sleep Symptoms: Results from a Cohort of Community Dwelling Australian Men

Yingting Cao, Gary Wittert, Anne W. Taylor, Robert Adams and Zumin Shi

Altmetric Score = 553


nutrients-logoThe Role of Avocados in Maternal Diets during the Periconceptional Period, Pregnancy, and Lactation

Kevin B. Comerford, Keith T. Ayoob, Robert D. Murray and Stephanie A. Atkinson

Altmetric Score = 555


nutrients-logoEmerging Evidence for the Importance of Dietary Protein Source on Glucoregulatory Markers and Type 2 Diabetes: Different Effects of Dairy, Meat, Fish, Egg, and Plant Protein Foods

Kevin B. Comerford and Gonca Pasin

Altmetric Score = 584


toxins-logoThe Snake with the Scorpion’s Sting: Novel Three-Finger Toxin Sodium Channel Activators from the Venom of the Long-Glanded Blue Coral Snake (Calliophis bivirgatus)

Daryl C. Yang, Jennifer R. Deuis, Daniel Dashevsky, James Dobson, Timothy N. W. Jackson, Andreas Brust, Bing Xie , Ivan Koludarov, Jordan Debono, Iwan Hendrikx, Wayne C. Hodgson, Peter Josh, Amanda Nouwens, Gregory J. Baillie, Timothy J. C. Bruxner, Paul F. Alewood, Kelvin Kok Peng Lim, Nathaniel Frank, Irina Vetter and Bryan G. Fry

Altmetric Score = 544

Chemistry & Materials

molecules-logoNatural Products to Counteract the Epidemic of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders

Birgit Waltenberger , Andrei Mocan, Karel Šmejkal , Elke H. Heiss and Atanas G. Atanasov

Altmetric Score = 465


energies_neu-jpegHow Expensive Is Expensive Enough? Opportunities for Cost Reductions in Offshore Wind Energy Logistics

Thomas Poulsen and Charlotte Bay Hasager

Altmetric Score = 252

Environmental & Earth Sciences

remotesensing-webImaging Land Subsidence Induced by Groundwater Extraction in Beijing (China) Using Satellite Radar Interferometry

Mi Chen, Roberto Tomás, Zhenhong Li, Mahdi Motagh, Tao Li, Leyin Hu, Huili Gong, Xiaojuan Li, Jun Yu and Xulong Gong

Altmetric Score = 387

Computer Science & Mathematics

TFuture-Internet-logohe Evolution of Wikipedia’s Norm Network

Bradi Heaberlin and Simon DeDeo

Altmetric Score = 260


Public Health & Healthcare

Vaccines_webSupT1 Cell Infusion as a Possible Cell-Based Therapy for HIV: Results from a Pilot Study in Hu-PBMC BRGS Mice

Jonathan Fior

Altmetric Score = 583