Statistics on Academic Publishers at Sciforum

We announce the update of publisher statistics hosted on Sciforum, which now includes 2016 data. The site is a free platform that allows users to browse publishers and journals to see how many papers have been published per year and how many journals each publisher has in its portfolio. Additional features include an overview of the academic publishing market and distributions of articles among publishers (using a Lorentz curve). There are also lists of the top 20 publishers based on the number of articles and the number of journals.

Data are taken from several sources, including Crossref and PubMed, and are intended to be as comprehensive as possible, with the usual caveats that some data points may be missing because of issues such as incorrect metadata. We hope this will be a useful resource for the research community.

Compared to 2015, MDPI has moved four place higher in the rankings by published papers and was ranked 16th in 2016, with 23,796 papers published.

Sciforum is a site maintained by MDPI and dedicated to providing a broad range research dissemination options, including conference hosting, research challenges, online collaboration and feeds of the latest published articles.