Read How You Want

Two and a half months ago, we announced an update to our online reader that allows users to easily read articles from MDPI journals on mobile devices. We have now released a further update to our article reader to improve readability on desktop computers and tablets.

This update introduces key features for customizing your reading experience on your desktop or tablet computer, beyond simplistic choices of font face and font size. On desktop and tablet devices, you are now also free to choose any of your favorite settings for:

  • line spacing
  • column width
  • background and text color (we offer black text on a light gray background, light gray text on a black background, and black text on a yellow background).

Further, we have added a “Recommended Settings” button with a selection of font and typography settings that should work well for most users. Your settings are saved locally on your device, so that you can resume reading any MDPI article with your previous choices. Saving the settings locally also allows for customized settings per device.

Here is what the updated article reader menu looks like on desktop and tablet computers:

Article Reader Settings Menu

To access the online reader, click on “View Full-Text” or “HTML Full-Text” (note that not all articles have this option yet), or test the reader in action