Sciforum – A Look Back at 2014

As the year comes to an end, it is time to review the progress of Sciforum throughout 2014. We have held 6 electronic conferences totaling 363 published proceedings papers and participated by several thousands scholars in 2014. Highlights of the year were the 18th edition of the International Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry (ECSOC), as well as the 4th edition of the World Sustainability Forum (WSF). Further, we have hold the first editions of several electronic, online conferences: Continue reading

Updated – Viruses Resources on Ebola Virus and other Filoviruses

Updated – <em>Viruses</em> Resources on Ebola Virus and other Filoviruses

Updated on 28 January 2014


Given the current dramatic evolution of the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa, Dr. Jens H. Kuhn from the NIH/NIAID/IRF-Frederick has kindly compiled the following list of resources related to the Ebola virus and other filoviruses that were published in the journal Viruses and are hence openly available. We will update the list as new papers on the subject are published.

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Challenges and Contests are Appealing!

Challenges and Contests are Appealing!

Challenges (ISSN 2078-1547) is a unique open access journal that publishes ideas for research projects (research proposals), research plans, perspectives or ideas for solving grand challenges, descriptions of tested and untested prototypes and other similar material. Its content is typically not publishable in a research journal, but has wider scholarly or scientific relevance and therefore deserves to be publicized in a journal such as Challenges. Continue reading